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MEMs & Nano-electronics

The MEMS thrust invents advanced devices and systems concepts for developing integrated microsystems using micro- and nano-scale fabrication techniques. Our inter-disciplinary research spans very diverse topics aimed at ubiquitous distribution of microsystems in the modern world. Topics such as chip-scale particle accelerators, rf mems filters and oscillators, hybrid insect microsystems, microprobes for surgery and bio-instrumentation and opto-mechanical inertial sensors, are among the current foci of the group.

Research Area Faculty

  Name Department Contact
al274.jpg Lal, Amit
Robert M. Scharf 1977 Professor of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering Room 120 Phillips Hall
607 255-9374
mgs22.jpg Spencer, Michael G.
Electrical and Computer Engineering Room 418 Phillips Hall
607 257-1721

Research Area Field Faculty

  Name Department Contact
de54.jpg Erickson, David Carl
Sibley College Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 369 Upson Hall
607 255-4861