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Novel Photonic Materials and Fabrication
Novel Photonic Materials and Fabrication

Shaping novel nanophotonic materials

Silicon Photonics

Enabling the next generation of computing systems


Manipulating waves at the nanoscale

Sensing and Optofluidics

Sensing and manipulating biological analytes


Controlling the interaction between phonons and photons

Nonlinear Optics

Generating extreme nonlinearities in nanophotonic structures

Novel Photonic Materials and Fabrication

Published papers (partial list)

Etchless Waveguides

We developed a novel Etchless fabrication technique which results in low loss waveguides and resonators. This technique defines the structures with selective oxidation, resulting in waveguides and resonators that are never exposed to the etching plasma and have therefore ultra-smooth sidewalls.

Etchless Waveguides

Cross-section SEM image of an etchless waveguide.

Etchless Waveguide 2

Left: SEM image of two coupled etchless waveguides, showing the coupling region.
Right: TEM image of the thin oxidized slab.

Etchless Waveguide 3

Zoom-in of optical transmission spectrum of an etchless resonator showing an intrinsic Q factor exceeding 500,000.


Grayscale Lithography

We are also working on using grayscale lithography applied to transformation optics. Grayscale lithography, where the dose is modulated so that varying vertical resolutions are achieved, allows us to define graded-index multimode waveguides that have minimal inter-mode coupling.


a: SEM image of fabricated graded-index bend in a waveguide using grayscale lithography. b: AFM scan of fabricated bend. c and d: Close-up images of postions of the bend shown in a.

Recent News

Prof. Lipson ranked among top 1% of researchers for most cited papers in physics

Prof. Lipson ranked among top 1% of researchers for most cited papers in physics by Thomas Reuters.