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Her research focuses on novel on-chip Nanophotonics devices. She holds numerous patents on novel micron-size photonic structures for light manipulation, and is the author of over 100 technical papers in journals in Physics and Optics. She has pioneered several of the critical building blocks for silicon photonics including the GHz silicon modulators. Professor Lipson's honors and awards include MacArthur Fellow 2010, Blavatnik Award, NY State Academy of Science 2010, OSA Fellow, IBM Faculty Award, and NSF Early Career Award. More information on Professor Lipson can be found at

Research Interests

We investigate the physics and application of nanoscale photonic structures. In particular we are interested in light confining structures that can slow down, enhance and manipulate light. Photonic structures can enhance light-matter interaction by orders of magnitude, enabling the devices optical properties to be controlled externally, either optically or electro-optically.

Teaching Interests

ECE 3030, ECE 4370 and ECE 5320

Selected Publications

  • Luo, L.W., S. Ibrahim, A. Nitkowski, Z. Ding, C.B. Poitras, B.S.J. Yoo, Michal Lipson. 2010. "High Bandwith On-chip Silicon Photonic Interleaver." Optics Express 18 (22): 23079.
  • Manipatruni, S., K. Preston, L. Chen, Michal Lipson. 2010. "Ultra-low Voltage, Ulta-small Mode Volume Silicon Microring Modulator." Optics Express 18 (17): 18235.
  • Manipatruni, S., L. Chen, Michal Lipson. 2010. "Ultra High Bandwidth WDM Using Silicon Microring Modulators." Optics Express 18 (16): 16858.
  • Turner-Foster, A.C., M.A. Foster, J.S. Levy, C.B. Poitras, C.B. Salem, A.L. Gaeta, Michal Lipson. 2010. "Ultrashort free-carrier lifetime in low-loss silicon nanowaveguides." Optics Express 18 (4): 3582-3591.
  • Guha, B., B.B.C. Kyotoku, Michal Lipson. 2010. "CMOS-compatible athermal silicon microring resonators." Optics Express 18 (4): 3487-3493.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Provost's Award for Distinguished Scholarship (Cornell University) 2009
  • MacArthur Fellow for 2010 (John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation) 2010
  • Faculty Finalist in The Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists 2010 (The New York Academy of Sciences) 2010
  • 2010 Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists (New York Academy of Sciences) 2010
  • IEEE Fellow (IEEE) 2012



  • B. Sc. (Physic, Nanotechnology), Technion, 1992
  • MS (Physics), Technion, 1994
  • Ph D (Physics), Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, 1998