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Michael G. Spencer

  • Michael G. Spencer
  • Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Title: Emeritus
  • Address: Room 418 Phillips Hall
  • Phone: 607 257-1721
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Michael G. Spencer received the B.S., M.Eng., and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University. He does research in growth of compound semiconductors, and graphene, microwave devices, power conversion devices and solar cells. His particular interest is correlation of device performance with material fabrication. He has authored over 130 publications and coauthored five U.S. patents. Dr. Spencer is a co-founder of Widetronix. Dr. Spencer was co-organizer of International Conference on SiC and Related Materials (ISCRM). Dr. Spencer is a member of Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board (administered by The National Academies). Dr. Spencer received the Presidential Young Investigator Award in 1985.

Research Interests

My research focus is in growth of compound semiconductors, and graphene, microwave devices, power conversion devices and solar cells. My particular interests are correlation of device performance with material fabrication.

Teaching Interests

1. Semiconductor material and nano -fabrication technology with emphasis on the effect of material defects on the performance of electronic devices
2. The fabrication and operation of power conversion semiconductor devices with emphasis on the role of compound semiconductors (particularly SiC and GaN) in increasing power device performance

Selected Publications

  • Gorantla, S., A. Bachmatiuk, J. Hwang, J. Y. Kwak, T. Seyller, J. Eckert, Michael G. Spencer, M. H. Rümmeli. 2014. "A universal transfer route for graphene." Nanoscale 6: 889-896.
  • Hwang, J., M. Kim, H. Y. Cha, Michael G. Spencer, J. W. Lee. 2014. "Metal Free Growth of Graphene on Quartz Substrate Using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)." Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 4: 2979-2983.
  • Malaisamy, R., L. Lepak, Michael G. Spencer, K. L. Jones. 2013. "Surface modification of porous alumina membranes by collagen layers: Performance and characterization." Separation and Purification Technology 115: 114-122.
  • Kwak, J. Y., J. Hwang, M. Graham, H. Alsalman, N. Munoz, B. Calderon, D. Campbell, Michael G. Spencer. 2013. "A high response MoS 2-graphene hetero-junction photodetector with broad spectral range." Paper presented at Device Research Conference (DRC) 71st annual
  • Hwang, J., M. Kim, V. B. Shields, Michael G. Spencer. 2013. "CVD growth of SiC on sapphire substrate and graphene formation from the epitaxial SiC." Journal of Crystal Growth 366: 26-30.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Giants of Science Award 1996
  • Featured in PBS TV Series Breakthrough:Engineering From the Inside Out aired April 1996
  • Distinguished Visiting Scientist Appointment (Jet Propulsion Laboratories) 1990
  • Allen Berman Research Publication Award (Naval Research Laboratory) 1986
  • Presidential Young Investigator Award (National Science Foundation) 1985



  • BS (Electrical Engineering), Cornell University, 1974
  • MEng (Electrical Engineering), Cornell University, 1975