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Dieter G Ast

  • Dieter G Ast
  • Dept: Materials Science and Engineering
  • Title: Professor
  • Address: Bard Hall
  • Phone: 607 255-4140
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Dipl.Phys (1966) , Ph.D (1969), Industrial Experience (Thomas J. Watson Research Center, IBM, HP Corporate Laboratories, Palo Alto).

Research specialty: Flat Panel Displays, Flexible Electronics, Advanced Glass substrates for thin film electronics.

Advisory Board Member: Molecular Foundry, Berkeley, CA

Research Interests

Thin Film Electronics, Flat Panel Displays, Glass Substrates for Flat Panel Displays.

Teaching Interests

Mechanical Properties, Electronic Materials, Metallurgy, Photovoltaics

Selected Publications

  • Wang, L. L., A. J. G. Ellison, Dieter G Ast. 2007. "Investigation of surface mass transport in Al-Si-Ca-oxide glasses via the thermal induced decay of submicron surface gratings." Journal of Applied Physics 101 (2).
  • Mkhoyan, K A., J. Silcox, A. Ellison, Dieter G. Ast, Rüdiger Dieckmann. 2006. "Full Recovery of Electron Damage in Glass at Ambient Temperatures." Phys. Rev. Lett. 96: 205506(1)-205506(4).
  • Liu, J. T., N. I. Nemchuk, Dieter G. Ast, J. G. Couillard. 2004. "Etch rate and surface morphology of plasma etched glass and glass-ceramic substrates." Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 342 (1-3): 110-115.
  • Watson, G. P., Dieter G Ast. 2003. "Misfit dislocation interactions observed by cathodoluminescence in InGaAs on off-cut, patterned GaAs." Journal of Applied Physics 94 (3): 1513-1517.
  • Qin, W., Dieter G. Ast, T. I. Kamins. 2002. "Resistivity and Hall voltage study of phosphorus segregation in polycrystalline Si1-xGex films." Journal of Applied Physics 92 (1): 168-172.


  • Diploma (Physics), University of Stuttgart, 1966
  • Ph D (Materials Science), Cornell University, 1971