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Faculty Profile (Emeritus)

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James Thorp

  • James Thorp
  • Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Title: Emeritus
  • Address:
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Selected Publications

  • Huang, L., M. Parashar, A.G. Phadke, James Thorp. 2002. "Impact of Electromechanical Wave Propagation on Power System Protection and Control." Paper presented at 39th CIGRE Session, Paris, France, August.
  • Coury, D.V., James Thorp, K.M. Hopkinson, K.P. Birman. 2001. "Improving the Protection of EHV Teed Feeders Using Local AGents." Paper presented at Seventh International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection, Amsterdan, The Netherlands, April (2nd Quarter/Spring).
  • Chen, J., James Thorp, M. Parashar. 2001. "Analysis of Electric Power System Disturbance Data." Paper presented at Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-34), January (1st Quarter/Winter).
  • Wang, H., James Thorp. 2001. "Optimal Locations for Protection System Enhancement: A Simulation of Cascading Outages." IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.
  • Liu, C.-W., James Thorp. 2000. "New Methods for Computing Power System Dynamic Response for Real-Time Transient Stability Prediction." IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Fund. Theory & Appl. 47 (3): 324-37.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • W.S. Leung Fellowship Distinguished Lecturer (The University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences, and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) 2001
  • Elected Member (National Academy of Engineering) 1996
  • 1996 Prize Paper Award (IEEE Power Systems Relaying Committee) 1996
  • Elected Fellow (IEEE) 1989
  • US National Committee of CIGRE Technical Paper Award 1988


  • BEE Cornell University, 1959
  • MS Cornell University, 1961
  • Ph D Cornell University, 1962