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ECE M.Eng. Poster Session Winners Announced

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

As part of their M.Eng. Design Project, all ECE M.Eng. students presented a poster during the Annual ECE M.Eng. Poster Session held in Duffield Hall on Tuesday, May 8. Posters are reviewed and evaluated by a group of qualified judges, consisting of both ECE Ph.D. students and ECE faculty members. Awards are presented in seven different categories, as well as Best Overall Poster.

Best Posters in Each Category: 

  • AI / Pattern Recognition (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics) 
    • Siyao Liu, ECE M.Eng., December ’18 and Xinyu Wang, ECE M.Eng., December ’18
    • Poster Title – “DeepViz: Machine Learning Based Visualization”
    • ECE M.Eng. Advisor – Christoph Studer
  • Bio-Signals (Neural, controls, Imaging, Bioinformatics)
    • Adarsh Jayakumar, ECE M.Eng., May ’18 and Samir Durvasula, ECE M.Eng., May ’18
    • Poster Title – “Hardware Model of Cardiac Cell”
    • ECE M.Eng. Advisors – Bruce Land and Bruce Johnson
  • Communications (Information Theory, Network Coding, Digital Communications)
    • Doug Stiverson, ECE M.Eng., December ’18
    • Poster Title – “Parametric Channel Estimation for Multi-Antenna mmWave Communication System”
    • ECE M.Eng. Advisor – Christoph Studer 
  • Computer Systems (OS, Embedded, Networks, Architecture, Database)
    • Ariana Bruno, ECE M.Eng., May ’18 and Justin Hu, CS M.Eng., May ’18
    • Poster Title – “Task Scheduling for Heterogeneous Swarm of Drones”
    • ECE M.Eng. Advisor – Christina Delimitrou
  • Electronic Devices + Materials (Analog, Digital, Optics, MEMS, Circuits)
    • Rohan Ghosh, ECE M.Eng., May ’18
    • Poster Title – “Tunable Filtering for CMOS Passive Mixer”
    • ECE M.Eng. Advisor – Al Molnar
  • Large Scale Systems (Power Systems, Energy)
    • Jonathan Tsai, ECE M.Eng., May ’18, Anwitha Paruchuri, ECE M.Eng., December ’18 and Kai Shi, ECE M.Eng., May ’18
    • Poster Title – “Wind Power Ensemble Forecasting”
    • ECE M.Eng. Advisor – Hsiao-Dong Chiang
  • Signal and Information Processing
    • Shaurya Luthra, ECE M.Eng., May ’18
    • Poster Title – “Simultaneous Localization and Mapping on an Autonomous Quadcopter”
    • ECE M.Eng. Advisor – Bruce Land

Best Poster Overall:

  • Adam Halverson, ECE M.Eng., May ’18
  • Poster Title – “Talon One: An Adjunct Electromechanical Apparatus for Aiding in Load-Bearing Human Dynamics” 
  • ECE M.Eng. Advisor – Peter Jessel and Robert Shephard

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