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Majumdar wins Outstanding Ph.D. TA Award

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Abhinandan Majumdar, a Cornell ECE Ph.D. student has been awarded the 2017 ECE Outstanding Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Award. Majumdar was a head teaching assistant for ECE 2300, Digital Logic and Computer Organization. As head TA he worked through the labs and demonstrated them to the other TAs, manned lab sessions, conducted office hours, answered many of the Piazza questions, and led the weekly grading sessions.

"Abhi was a tour de force as head TA," said Professor David Albonesi, instructor for ECE 2300, and Majumdar's Ph.D. advisor. "In addition to all of the work he put into the course functions, Abhi spent countless hours working with students in lab and on his own. He is arguably the most dedicated TA I have ever had."

Majumdar also developed a very strong rapport with many of the students in the class, during his lab sessions and office hours. "He spent countless hours working one-on-one with a number of these students, helping them to understand the lecture material in addition to labs," continued Albonesi. "For these students, Abhi was invaluable in their learning of the material and succeeding in the class."

Majumdar will receive a cash prize along with an engraved plaque.

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