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ECE Day 2014 Poster Session Award Winners

Thursday, May 8, 2014

ECE Day 2014, held May 6 in Duffield Atrium

ECE Day 2014
highlighted the innovative and compelling work done by M.Eng students and teams. We commend all  project teams for a job well done!

After hours of difficult deliberation, the judges declared this year's winners:
DLL-Based Digital to Analog Converter in 65nm CMOS
Winners:  Wenbo Yin (MEng), MengJiao Zheng (MEng)
Let Music Ease Your Bike Ride!
Winner:  Siyu Chen (MEng)
Design and Evaluation of Flicker: An Energy Efficient Processor Pipeline
Winners:  Narendranath Balasubramoni (MEng), Darius Nikkhouy-Toussi (MEng), Wei Geng (Ugrad), Scott McKenzie (Ugrad)
We would also like to recognize some of the other groups that although they did not place in the Top 3, were considered serious candidates, and hence are honorable mentions:

  • Computer Vision Based Autonomous Multu-Drone System
    Yi Zheng (MEng), Muhammad Ibrahim (MEng), Stephanie Diaz (MEng), Jessie Lin (Ugrad), Yukun Jiang (MEng), Du Sun (MEng)
  • Lung Lobe Fissure Identification
    Chen Zhang (MEng)
  • Face Recognition System using the Local Binary Pattern Histogram Algorithm
    Charles Wang (MEng), Zhongbo Geng (MEng), Peiqi Lei (MEng), Qian Zhao (MEng), Haoyuan Wang (MEng)
  • The xRemote: A Smart Remote Control
    Jianglu Xu (MEng), Xiaofan Luan (MEng), Zhenxuan Qiu (MEng), Wenzhe Deng (MEng)
  • Evaluation of Next Generation Internet Routing Protocols
    Jia Song (MEng), Fei Xie (MEng), Nilabja Chattopadhyay (MEng)
  • 300 GHz VCO design
    Arpita Ghosh Dastidar (MEng)
  • Performance Characterization of JavaScript Just-In-Time Compilers
    Harsh Pandey (MEng)

Congratulations to all of our Winners and Honorable Mentions for a job well done!
The Committee would like to thank all of the Poster Session Judges and ECE Staff and Students who acted as Volunteers to make ECE Day a great event.
We look forward to ECE Day 2015.

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