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ECE Custodian Kay Danby Receives 2013 Bartels Award for Service Excellence

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Phil and Susan Bartels (far left), Rob Osborn, Kay Danby, Katie Bartels, and Maria Cimilluca.

The seventh annual Bartels Awards for Custodial Service Excellence, held Dec. 16 in Bartels Hall, presented ECE’s Kay Danby and five other housekeeping and custodial staff members Bartels Awards. Kay, known for her humility, work ethic, and customer service, is highly responsive to her building’s occupants and performs her duties with admirable skill.

"Kay serves the second floor of Phillips and performs her duties with exemplary skill and attention to detail,” said Facilities Manager Scott Albrecht in his endorsement of Kay for the Bartels Award. “She is quiet and reserved, but her performance speaks volumes. The ECE administration has very positive feedback for Kay and she is a consistent figure on the second floor. Before Phillips, she was assigned to the second floor of Duffield. She has always kept her spaces spotlessly clean and sanitary even with high traffic. She is always on time, is very efficient, and works to the end of her shift. I wish everyone had her work ethic and passion for a job well done."

Bill Bader, COECIS Facilities Director concurred. "Employees like Kay who quietly and consistently get the job done plus some, despite weather issues, complicating events, and difficult situations are rare and deserving of our commendations. She is very responsive to our requests and is greatly appreciated by the occupants in Duffield and Phillips."

The Bartels Award began in June 2006 when former director of Building Care, Rob Osborn received a letter from Phil Bartels '71 that told how Building Care staff member Craig Beaver helped Bartels’ daughter, Katie '06, and her friends while they were studying for finals. That fall, Bartels and Osborn developed the Bartels Award, now given to six custodial staff members each year. The Bartels endowed the award in 2009. This year's award winners received a certificate of recognition and congratulations from Facilities Management leaders, and Phil, Susan, and Katie Bartels. A monetary award accompanied the recognition.

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