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Farhan Rana receives "Best Professor at Cornell" accolades

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cornell University is one of Business Insider's best colleges in America, making their top 10 list, and was also recently included on Rate My Professors' list of Universities with the Top Professors, the only Ivy League school to make the ranking.

Business Insider has partnered with RMP to highlight the top 10 professors at Cornell, as voted by its students and Cornell ECE's Farhan Rana received the #2 spot.

#2 Farhan Rana, Engineering 

What students say:

"This was the best class I have taken at Cornell so far. Rana is out of this world. He is the most eloquent and coherent professor in all of Cornell. Listening to him is like listening to Mozart - not a single word is out of place. Why aren't there more people like him in this world."

"Farhan Rana is an absolute genius. He is always extremely prepared for lecture. His slides are amazing and very helpful. His classes are notoriously hard, but his lectures are good enough for you to do well. Come to class and do the homework and you will do fine in his class."

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