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"BOOM 2012: Cornell ECE students feature award winning projects to representatives from Google, Cisco, GE and Yahoo..."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"The BOOM competition at Cornell is a little like a science fair from high school except instead of a baking soda volcanoes, Cornell students demonstrated their own personal robot that can interact, roam the campus and pack boxes."


"The next big thing in tech often starts as a small project. Jeremy Blum and three of his friends from Cornell hope they have it with a device that would allow hotel guests to use an e-mail on their phone as a room key. 'We're Cornellians. We don't pursue anything unless we think it could change the world,'" said Blum with a laugh.

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Acording to the official BOOM website...
BOOM (BITS ON OUR MINDS) is a showcase of cutting-edge student research in digital technology. Dozens of projects will be featured, including videogames, robotics, iPhone and Android apps, instant messaging software and more. BOOM is free and open to the public.

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