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“National Science Foundation Early Career Award”

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Salman Avestimehr, assistant professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received a National Science Foundation Early Career Award for his project "Breaking the Barriers in Wireless Network Information Theory: A Deterministic Approach". The Faculty Early Career Development Program is NSF's most prestigious award in support of the early career-development activities of teacher-scholars.

Information theory is well poised to tremendously impact the design of distributed wireless networks of the future, such as ad-hoc networks. However, the challenge is that most network information theory problems are notoriously difficult and the mathematical barriers that must be overcome are quite high. In this project, prof. Avestimehr aims to overcome this challenge by proposing a new approach, which is based on changing the focus to seek approximate solutions accompanied by guarantees on the gap to optimality. At the heart of this approach is his development of simple, deterministic channel models that capture the main features of the wireless medium, and are utilized to approximate more complex models.

Salman has received a number of awards including the David J. Sakrison Memorial Prize for the most outstanding doctoral research in the EECS department of UC Berkeley in 2008. He also received the Vodafone U.S. Foundation Fellows Initiative Research Merit Award in 2005. Salman joined the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University in 2009.

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