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Faculty Awards and Honors

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“IEEE Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer”

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Professor Sheila Hemami has been elected an IEEE Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer, with a two-year term starting 2010.

Prof. Hemami's work reflects the integration of the goal of providing "anytime, anywhere visual communications" with characterizing the human visual system (HVS). To understand HVS characteristics, she explores how the human brain perceives visual information by developing better models for visual cortex processing, as well as models which include understanding and cognition. She simultaneously develops both theory and practice for signal processing techniques which can fully exploit HVS characteristics. The resulting models provide improved processing, higher efficiency, and/or better compression performance. This dual approach consisting of signal- processing informed psychophysics and psychophysics-informed signal processing has yielded substantial gains over traditional decoupled approaches.

The IEEE Signal Processing Society's Distinguished Lecturer Program provides means and financial support for IEEE chapters to have access to individuals who are well known educators and authors in the fields of signal processing. Prof. Hemami's research accomplishments in visual communications have earned her the recognition. During her term as a Distinguished Lecturer, she will give lectures to IEEE local chapters across the world.

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