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Cornell University has launched the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history.
Far Above ... The Campaign for Cornell will empower the university to be a leader in higher education in the 21st century and position the College of Engineering to educate diverse and dynamic leaders who will change the world. The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering strives to have a significant impact on the lives of students and faculty by participating in this campaign.

There are many ways you can help us. Please review our priorities and consider giving back to your alma mater.

ECE Priorities


Endowed professorships are powerful tools for faculty recruitment, retention, and recognition. More than salary, named professorships can provide the resources necessary to underwrite new lines of research, upgrade lab space, cover travel costs, or support postdoctoral fellows and graduate assistants. Endowed professorships can help us attract the very best faculty and recognize the accomplishments of emerging faculty.

Graduate fellowships

Graduate students are among the most important assets of our school. Graduate fellowships enable us to recruit the best students and to allow them to pursue research that is independent and interdisciplinary. Our graduate students' talent and intellectual curiosity challenge our faculty, inspire research, invigorate undergraduate education, and drive scientific and scholarly debate. Increasing the number of graduate fellowships at ECE will accelerate the pace of research and attract the next generation of innovators.

Facility upgrades

Facilities have a direct impact on the quality of our research and education. Teaching labs need to be constantly upgraded to ensure that our students are educated with state of the art equipment. Research labs need regular maintenance and renovations for ECE to be in the forefront of technological advances.

Unrestricted gifts

Unrestricted gifts to the school give us flexibility to meet our greatest needs. Gifts at any level play an important role in maintaining the school's programs and taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Below are some examples of how we have used these gifts in the past.

  • Facility upgrades: We have utilized unrestricted gifts to create a lounge for Master of Engineering students, who are an important part of our student population, to allow them to interact with their peers, to collaborate on projects, or to relax between classes. This has given the Master of Engineering students a greater sense of identity within our school.
  • Undergraduate research: Our undergraduate students are actively involved in research. Not only do they interact closely with faculty, but they also apply their classroom knowledge to solving real-world problems. Unrestricted gifts help undergraduate students to pursue these opportunities freely without financial constraints.
  • Social events: Networking and leadership skills are integral parts of students' experiences at Cornell ECE. We have leveraged on unrestricted gifts to host ECE Day, an annual event when students, faculty, and staff gather to enjoy food and each other, participate in outdoor activities, and showcase class projects. Unrestricted gifts also allow graduate and undergraduate student organizations to host events on campus to raise awareness of contributions made by ECE, which in turn attracts more students to ECE.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact:

Clifford Pollock, Ilda and Charles Lee Professor of Engineering, ECE Director
229 Phillips Hall 607/255-5032

Hilary Diekow, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs and Development
258 Carpenter Hall 607/254-6702 

Mark Steigerwald, Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs and Development
256C Carpenter Hall 607/255-5614