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ECE Undergraduate Research

Over half our faculty regularly have undergraduates participating in their research programs, working in the lab side-by-side with the faculty and graduate students. Many of these students co-author papers and attend international technical conferences where they can meet the technical leaders of today and tomorrow.


Undergraduate Research Examples:

Authors – Paula Petrica, Adam Izraelevitz, David H. Albonesi, and Christine A. Shoemaker
Paper Title – "Flicker: A Dynamically Adaptive Architecture for Power Limited Multicore Systems"
Conference Title – 40th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), Tel-Aviv, Israel, June 2013

Authors – Ruogu Fang, Kevin Tang, Noah Snavely, and Tsuhan Chen
Paper Title – "Towards Computational Models of Kinship Verification"
Conference Title – IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Hong Kong, Sept. 2010 (Best Paper)

Authors – P.-A. Gourdain, R.J. Concepcion, M.T. Evans, J.B. Greenly, D.A. Hammer, C.L. Hoyt, E. Kroupp, B.R. Kusse, Y. Maron, A.S. Novick, S.A. Pikuz, N. Qi, G. Rondeau, E. Rosenberg, P.C. Schrafel, C.E. Seyler, and T.C. Shelkovenko
Paper Title – "Initial magnetic field compression studies using gas-puff Z-pinches and thin liners on COBRA"
Journal Title – Nuclear Fusion, 53, August 2013

Authors – P. Bu, K.Y. Chen, J. H. Chen, L. Wang, J. Walters, Y. J. Shin, J. P. Goerger, J. Sun, M. Witherspoon, N. Rakhilin, J. Li, H. Yang, J. Milsom, S. Lee, W. Zipfel, M. M. Jin, Z. H. Gümüs, S. M. Lipkin, and X. Shen
Paper Title – "A microRNA miR-34a-Regulated Bimodal Switch Targets Notch in Colon Cancer Stem Cells"
Journal Title – Cell Stem Cell 12, May 2013

Authors – Benjamin G. Kelly, Aaron B. Wagner, Thitidej Tularak, and Pramod Viswanath
Paper Title – "Classification of Homogeneous Data with Large Alphabets"
Journal Title – IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 59, February 2013