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Startup looking for software engineers

Posted 1/29/2015

Jason Lew (Cornell M.Eng '10) is looking for software engineers for his San Francisco based startup MightySignal. Lead generation is currently archaic, and MightySignal is taking the engineer's approach to fix it. MightySignal just raised $1.2M from investors including Techstars, Draper Associates (Tim Draper), Vulcan Capital (Paul Allen), and Andy Sack. If you're interested, fill out an application at or contact Jason directly (

Postdoctoral Position


The Applied Optics Branch of the Optical Sciences Division is seeking candidates for a postdoctoral position in the general area of Computational Imaging.  The focus of this research is on understanding and exploiting the relationship between the measurements made by an optical system and the objectives assigned to that system.  For example, the optimal measurements for detecting and tracking an object in a scene are not necessarily those that produce highest quality replica of the scene.  Put another way, what are the most informative measurements to make for a given task (objective) with known problem constraints (e.g., size, weight, power)?  How can the interplay between the system architecture and data (image) model be leveraged to improve performance?  To help answer these questions, the prospective candidate is expected to possess some familiarity with the basic principles of computational imaging and the mathematics of compressive sampling.  A strong background in more traditional image processing techniques is also desireable. 

The position is a fellowship offered through either the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) or the National Research Council (NRC).  Information on application procedures can be found at or at  The position requires a recent (5 years) Ph. D. and either US Citizenship or permanent resident status.  The NRL/NRC position has application deadlines of 1 May, and 1 Aug.  Interested parties should send a resume to Dr. Jonathan Nichols.