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Early Career Research Scholars Program

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The Cornell ECE Early Career Research Scholars Program is designed for students between their freshmen and sophomore years in the College of Engineering who intend to major in ECE.

Students apply to the program in conjunction with a faculty advisor, submitting a project proposal and a budget through the Engineering Learning Initiatives application system. Students participate in the ELI summer informal presentations and also present their research in an ECE-centric workshop at summer's end. Students will also be asked to present their work to incoming ECE ENG 1050 classes in the fall. The application process and deadlines will be the same as the ELI program.

For more information, contact Associate Professor Farhan Rana, Associate Director at

Following are videos of several of our professors describing the research they conduct in their labs. These are some of the exciting research topics rising freshmen could explore in our ECE Early Career Research Scholars Program.

A list of the past winners and their projects can be found here.

Professor Tsuhan Chen Video
Professor Chris Batten Video
Professor Jose Martinez Video
Professor Dick Shealy Video
Professor Kevin Tang Video
Professor Ehsan Afshari Video
Professor Eilyan Bitar Video
Professor Alyosha Christopher Molnar Video


Professor Tsuhan Chen
Image Research


Professor Chris Batten
Pervasive Heterogenous Specialization in Computer Architecture


Professor Jose Martinez
Computer Engineering and Self-Optimizing Computers


Professor Dick Shealy
Exotic Semi-conductor Research


Professor Kevin Tang
Control and Optimization of Engineering Networks


Professor Ehsan Afshari
Low Cost THz Systems


Professor Eilyan Bitar
Control of Distributed Energy Systems


Professor Alyosha Christopher Molnar
Pixel-scale diffractive structures for low cost 3-D imaging