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Did you know?

The Gene gun is the second prototype of produced by Ed Wolf, John Sanford, and Nelson Allen at Cornell. Biolistic gene guns are used to genetically transform plants by shooting microprojectiles (tiny bullets) covered in DNA into plant cells. Prototype II incorporated several new features, including a plunger that accelerated microparticles using gunpowder rather than air.


Want to be a leader in ECE?

The Ph.D. Degree Program in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell will prepare you for a successful career in research, development and teaching through vigorous coursework and cutting-edge study.  

Join our world-renowned faculty as they work to find solutions to some of today’s biggest problems. Whether you’re interested in power and energy, bioelectrical engineering, computer architecture, imaging, nanotechnology, photonics, neuroscience, or computing, you’ll find your place at Cornell ECE.  

Our Ph.D. Program is interdisciplinary, which allows our students to take advantage of a wide variety of research opportunities both in ECE and across campus.  

At Cornell ECE you will: 

  • Take advantage of the wide range of research opportunities on campus through our multidisciplinary program and study anything from physics to bioscience, from mathematics to economics. 

  • Receive advanced training in current technology and engineering design.  

Virtually all of our Ph.D. students receive full financial support in the form of Fellowships, Graduate Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships during throughout their Ph.D. Program. The financial support covers tuition, a stipend and a health insurance package.  

A Ph.D. from Cornell ECE will empower you to reach your goals and your potential. Our graduates go on to highly successful careers at universities and colleges and in industry and research settings around the world.  

Discover more about our faculty and their research.

For further questions about ECE's Ph.D. program, please contact the ECE Manager of Student Services.