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Soon you will have your first engineering degree. You know you can get a good job. So why stay in school for one more year? An M.Eng. is well worth your investment of time and money for two important reasons: a higher salary and a more rewarding career.


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Average starting salaries for 2016 M.Eng. graduatesHigher Salary

The M.Eng. degree commands a higher starting salary—and that will be the platform for your future professional earnings. Nationwide, the average starting salary for an M.Eng. in electrical and computer engineering is about 6 percent higher than a bachelor's in engineering. A Cornell degree further influences entry wage levels, with an 18 percent boost over our own bachelor's degree and a 38 percent increase over the national average for a bachelor's degree. So the payback on your investment is relatively short, and the financial benefits compound throughout your career.


Average Graduate Profiles since 2010A More Rewarding Career

The degree is about much more than salary, though. Our M.Eng. degree is designed to develop engineering professionals. Earning the M.Eng. adds to your knowledge through advanced coursework in leading-edge science and technology, solidifies your design and analysis skills on a design project, and develops your skills in teamwork, communication, and leadership—all essential steps for tomorrow's engineers.

Today's M.Eng. prepares graduates for rewarding careers in a wide-range of industries: from high-speed silicon hardware to high-power financial software, from undersea fibers to geosynchronous satellites, from national power grids to energy-saving LEDs, from computerized medical instrumentation that looks into the human body to radar systems that look out to the heavens.

Excellent Career Services

The College of Engineering provides outstanding Engineering Career Center, as does the university's Cornell Career Services office. Abundant information on career options, resources on all aspects of the job-search process, on-campus recruiting, huge alumni networks, and more are all at your lifelong disposal as a Cornellian.

A View from a Long-Time Recruiter
"We hire for one reason: to get something done. M.Eng. graduates generally hit the ground running. They have more problem-solving and interdisciplinary skills, and they are better able to integrate into an organization," says Kevin Weitsman (B.E.E. 1972; M.E.E. 1973). He served as a Cornell recruiting campus manager for 25 years, first with Hewlett Packard and later with Agilent. During that time, Weitsman and his team hired more than two hundred young professionals. "Employers typically think of M.Eng. graduates as having the equivalent of a year's work experience. When you're hiring people to get some traction in your organization, a 10 or 15 percent boost in starting salary for that added capability seems like a bargain."


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