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Graduate Program

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Ph.D. Degree

PhilGordon2web-211x182"I chose Cornell ECE because I wanted to work in an interdisciplinary field and Cornell has the facilities and culture to enable strong collaborative work across department lines. 

"The people in ECE at Cornell have made graduate work here a positive experience. In the isolation of individual research, having a culture of collaboration, socialization, and friendship makes the work much more enjoyable."

Phil Gordon, Ph.D. Student

M.Eng Degree

"I came to Cornell to step out of my comfort zone and experience a very unique and challenging adventure offered by the M.Eng program. The ECE department at Cornell offers an environment of competitiveness as well as the facilities and researchers that help foster my interest in power systems. 

"What makes the M.Eng at Cornell authentic, is the freedom it gives me as a student to design my own program and optimally fit my interests and career plans." 

Asmaa M'nebhi, M.Eng Student