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What is it like to be an ECE student?

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ECE is a challenging but versatile major. Earn a comprehensive education and develop skills for a successful career. Cornell ECE spans a broad range of interests, so whether you're oriented in physics, math, or computers, there's a whole aspect of ECE that's right for you. 

Our curriculum is based on fundamentals—those things that won't change over time. With these tools, you'll progress to learning the fine points of new technologies. For example, you won't just learn about microprocessors—you'll learn the applied logic, computation, math, physics, and computing behind them.

As an ECE, you'll become versed in applying digital and analog concepts to solve problems. By understanding how things compute and how physical systems interact, you'll be able to develop large systems in much greater detail. In four years, you'll gain expertise in electrical and computer engineering and learn how to apply your knowledge to specialize in an entirely new field, if you choose.

What ECE students say
Interesting courses
  • ECE 1820: Electricity Lights Camera Action: Nanoengineering for the Future of Bits and Bytes 
  • ECE 3140: Embedded Systems 
  • ECE 3400: Electrical and Computer Engineering Practice and Design 
  • ECE 4760: Digital Systems Design Using Microcontrollers 
  • ECE 5760: Advanced Microcontroller Design

Project Teams and Clubs led by ECE

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