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What can I do with an ECE degree?

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Influence the future.
Advances in electrical and computer engineering lead to new jobs, companies, and technologies. ECE has the potential to affect the world in ways we haven't yet discovered.  

Prepare for your career.
Develop a valuable mindset that opens doors for careers inside and outside of engineering. A degree in electrical and computer engineering is a universal tool—you'll gain the necessary skills to work in hi-tech, business, health care, become an entrepreneur, or anything else you might want to do.

Work in diverse fields.
You'll find ECEs in various fields, including power and energy, bioelectrical and biomedical engineering, computer architecture, imaging, nanotechnology, photonics, neuroscience, computing, software and hardware design, programming, medicine, law, business, finance, and much more.

Here are just some of the things you can do with an ECE degree:

  • Solve cyber-security issues for power and energy systems
  • Develop the next generation of large and small electronic devices
  • Uncover new possibilities in biomedical imaging
  • Create the next generation of computing technology
  • Design the wireless networks of the future
  • Address challenges of storing, sending, securing, and manipulating big data
  • Solve inherently complex computer architecture challenges in an efficient and highly productive way
  • Investigate and manipulate biological systems that lead to dramatic new treatment of diseases and changes to some of the building blocks of living organisms
  • Work on issues with great potential to change lives for the better and generate rapid growth in knowledge and technology
  • Dramatically impact human health and other aspects of life

59% of our undergraduates find employment at companies ranging from
large-scale multinational corporations to cutting-edge start-ups.
Some of these employers include:

ECE Graduate Employers

41% of our undergraduate class pursues advanced degrees in engineering,
medicine, law, and business at top schools such as:

ECE Graduate Schools

Starting Salaries for Cornell ECE graduates

According to a 2015 Bloomberg survey of "The College Majors that Make the
Most Money," the wages of both Electrical Engineering and Computer
Engineering majors surpassed those of Computer Science majors nationally.

ECE Median Annual Wages by Major