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Welcome to ECE

Consistently a nationally top-ranked ECE school, we remain at the forefront of our field, educating and training the next generation of engineers while driving the leading edge of technology.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree

Based upon three technical foundations (computers, mathematics, and physics), ECE prepares you for graduate study or a career in all branches of engineering as well as business, medicine, and law. Graduates find employment with top international companies in the computer industry, networking and telecom, data analytics, financial services, aerospace and defense, information security, automotive, manufacturing and technology, research and development, energy and power, health care, and law. Those who go on to graduate study attend top-tiered schools throughout the country. [more info]

Master of Engineering Degree

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng) Degree is a one year program for students seeking advanced training in current technology and engineering design. It is designed to put professional engineers on the fast track to success. [more info]

Ph.D. Degree

The Ph.D. program at Cornell ECE prepares students to be future leaders in research, development and teaching through rigorous course work and cutting-edge research. As an interdisciplinary program, students may take advantage of the wide range of research opportunities on campus, from physics to bioscience, from mathematics to economics. [more info]

Recent News

Precision gas sensor could fit on a chip

Cornell engineers have miniaturized a light source in the elusive mid-infrared spectrum,...

Is Your TV Spying on You?

Stephen Wicker interviewed about Smart TVs with voice recognition on WENY. "The problem is it's a...

Undergraduate uses Arduino to streamline high-speed photography

Cornell ECE student Ope Oladipo ’17 recently created an Arduino-based project that triggers a flash...

Zhiru Zhang receives NSF CAREER Award to improve the future of computing

Zhang's work will improve computer performance under tight power and energy efficiency constraints.

Improving electric vehicle sales may require solving unique chicken and egg problem

Cornell's Lang Tong and Shanjun Li find that allowing the competitive forces of supply and demand...

Manohar named Weiss fellow

Rajit Manohar named Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellows for inspiring teaching of undergraduates,...

Latest Spotlights

Christopher Batten: Sweating the details to make it right

Balance is important to Professor Christopher Batten, of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell.

2D materials ripe for innovation

Mike Spencer, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cornell Maker Club: Breaking rules to join the Maker Movement

The first rule of Maker Club is that there aren’t rules about what you make in Maker Club.