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Did you know?

HC Torng (M.S. 1958, PhD. 1960) owns the patent for the first Intel Chip. The patent was first granted in 1989 to Cornell Research Foundation, covering a technique invented by HC Torng which enables microprocessors to increase processing speed by determining which instructions are not dependent on the results of others. This then allows the processor to execute those out of order, and more instructions to be executed during the same computer clock cycle.

Welcome ECE graduates! You are the cornerstone of Electrical and Computer Engineering. You live and work in every state in the U.S. and throughout the world.

You, the Alumni(ae) of Electrical and Computer Engineering, are actively involved, supporting the school in career placement, reunion activities, fund-raising, academic programs, and other activities. We appreciate the life-long friendships and associations that you established with ECE and Cornell. If you are interested in learning more about how to become more involved, please contact:

Clifford Pollock, Ilda and Charles Lee Professor of Engineering, ECE Director
229 Phillips Hall 607/255-5032

Hilary Diekow, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs and Development
258 Carpenter Hall 607/254-6702 

Make your gift now. To assure your gift is credited to the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering for the purpose that you wish, please state your intent in the Questions/Comments area of the online form. Of course unrestricted gifts are always welcome--whether directed to ECE, the College of Engineering or another of your Cornell interests. These gifts help us be most responsive to emerging needs and opportunities both now and in the future.

Note there are opportunities to pledge a gift over a period of five years or to time your gift to maximize your Class Reunion fundraising campaign. Commitments also can be made through certain estate tax planning opportunities, such as a charitable lead trust, or in other forms including securities and real estate.